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Information published on this website is only to inform site visitors (users). Collectcamera are doing their best to insure reliable and correct information, but correct information or specifications is not been guaranteed in all circumstances. Collectcamera are not responsible for mistakes or failures, any lost or damage because of using the information on this website, or any action or decision which the user takes, based on published information.
Reliability and correct information and correct use

The user accepts that all given information and request from Collectcamera is justified, truly and complete. It is the users responsibility if another user misuses the installation or access-possibilities of the user.

Links to other sites, are solely for users info. We appreciate feedback.

Collectcamera is entitled to make any changes or modifications whenever needed in the policies or conditions of the site. Collectcamera recommends visitors to read the policies and conditions carefully and regular.
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All mentioned information, specifications, images and prices are due to changes.
We do not accept any responsibility for typographical or illustrative errors.



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