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Frequently asked questions

Whom am I dealing with ?


Is it safe to buy at Collectcamera ?


How can I get in contact with you ?


Do you sell to any country in the world ?


What warranty do I have that the items are delivered as described ?


How does the rating system work ?


How much for the shipping costs ?


Do I have to pay handling costs ?


Can I insure the shipment ?


What is the chance that a shipment gets damaged ?


How do I order ?


How can I pay ?


In what currency do I pay ?


What is the exchange rate ?


Do I have to pay VAT ?


Do I have to pay import tax ?


Is my credit card information safe with you ?


How long does shipment take ?


What if my package gets lost ?


What happens after I have ordered and paid for the item ?


Can I return the goods if I have second thoughts about buying ?


What if a collectors item prooves to be a fake in time ?




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