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Credit card 

 Visa MasterCard

I accept Visa and MasterCard. I need to know the following information:

the name of the credit company

the number of the card

the expiration date

the last three digits of the security code on the backside of the card

the billing address of the card (in most cases your home address)

You can give this information by filling out the order form of the shopping cart. During this procedure you will be able to print a form. Please fill out the information, sign the form, scan the form and send it to e-mail info@collectcamera.com. In some cases I will ask you to send me copies of the credit card and a copy of your identity card. For your own protection I will ask the credit company for a security check (billing address of the card versus the shipping address of the goods).

For small amounts I do accept credit card information by phone +31 318 479103. 

I feel responsible for your credit card information. I make sure that there is no credit card information on my computer. Further more, all paper work is stored in a safe place. It is not accessible by anyone else but myself.

I have a contract in Euro's with MasterCard and Visa. The exchange rate on the day of the purchase is valid. Small differences are possible due to time lag.

I don't accept credit cards from people who live in Indonesia. I would like to ask people from the former East Block countries to send me an email first.



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