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Prices and VAT for buyers within the EU:

For buyers who live in European countries within the EU, I have to charge 21% VAT in some cases. This percentage comes on top of the mentioned prices. In the description of the item you will find if VAT is due or not. On the invoice you'll find this VAT seperately. When you run a business this amount is deductable.

Buyers outside the EU won't have to pay tax at all.


Selling by Ebay:

Some of the mentioned items could be for sale on Ebay. In most cases I am not free to sell through my own website, when a bid has been placed. If the item stays unsold, I will offer it firstly to the party that showed interest.

When you buy through Ebay, it is well appreciated when you leave positive feedback in case you will find that there is reason to do so. I will give feedback as soon as you have given your approval of the received item to me.



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